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Stranger with a Bond


Tawfiq Alkeilani 

  |  January 21, 2015

I am exiled from my homeland, 
I was born estranged from my origins, 
I am strange to you, and you are foreign to me. 

It's a paradox 
We are from one, yet we are foreign to each other 
I'll come back and wipe your tears,
Spend harsh days and nights for your sake. 

An eternity has passed, 
I'm a stranger since the moment I was born away from your lush soil, 
When I come back I'll be a stranger to your ways. 

How many nights have I spent pondering you? 
How many dreams have I dreamt of you? 
How many fantasies have I embarked with you in sight? 

My curse is to be a stranger with or without you at this point in time, 
Indeed I'm void of nationalistic identity and pride, 
That’s the true and ultimate blessing of mine. 

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