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Representing Islam


Fatimah Zeni

  |  July 8, 2015

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were walking through CVS and a woman approached my mom and I and asked a question. She asked, “What religion are you, and why do you put that thing around your head?” My mom replied that she was Muslim. The lady looked shocked, as though she couldn't believe that response. The woman replied, “I can’t believe it, you are so nice, you are definitely not one of those Muslims I see on T.V.” My mom explained to the lady that we were not like this people, in fact the exact opposite. That we believed that Islam was better with a democracy and that we believe in peace and equality for everyone.

Hearing the woman’s comment made me feel disappointed that people believed that evil is what Islam represents. After her encounter with my mother, the woman seemed to have gotten the correct understanding of Islam and what it is that Muslims stand for.

Before speaking to my mom, she thought all Muslims were terrorists. The stereotypes that the media perpetuates allowed her to assume all Muslims were “evil”. In order to give of the right impression to fellow religions we ourselves shouldn't get upset if someone thinks we are terrorists or tells us to F**** of, because if we do these people will continue saying these things about us and to us, and we wont make a difference.

Also, we shouldn’t just talk to people about our religion; we should participate in what our country is doing. We shouldn’t just say that we as one care about America and we are great people, but we should actually take action and show people that we really care. If we don’t do anything for America, America will never truly believe that Muslims can really be great people because actions will always speak louder than words.

When people call us terrorists, it doesn't mean that they actually believe that this is who Muslims are, that they don’t accept us in the United States, it means that in fact they do not know anything about us at all. Also, we aren’t the only religion who faces racism. Every civilization has racism towards others’ religion or ethnicity. What we always have to keep in mind is that what if we weren’t the people being called terrorists, what if it was another religion? What would we say to them? Would we view them as terrorists like many people view us or would we believe that they are truly a peaceful religion?

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