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Shahada Altaii 

  |  April 14, 2015

I'll write your pain into my words,
I know, it doesn't help,
It gives me a sick peacefulness.
Hoping the words will flush through your body like a long over-due cure,
They always do for me.

A string of well-put together diction always did fill me with a sense of…
But when I write the pain of women, being starved of not only food but also knowledge,
And the children,
Being shot at and brutally murdered in a place they thought they could call safe,
And the parents who are forced to stand by while their own breed of heartbeats are ripped from their arms,
While the people they believed would always protect rights go rogue and fail to keep the most important organ beating,
I do not feel that sense of empowerment.

Because words have ceased to change the lives of these people,
These lives have cried out for help,
Our lives have failed to help.
Again and again this failure,
Has proven to derive from a lack of sincerity.

We are left unaffected,
Because our hearts are not connected,
The innocent are murdered in the Middle East and we convince our society that it is So far away from us that it almost becomes unreal.

Yet when a blameless soul's last words are "I can't breathe" just a road trip away,
We still manage to in time,
Remove our minds,
Because it's no longer the most popular affair to be discussed.

See the thing is,
This world is falling apart,
Chipping away piece by miserable piece.

And the only thing we can do is pray,
Pray that no more mothers will have to hold their breathless children in their arms,
That no more "parking disputes" will leave 3 dead,
Get on your knees and beg God for help, for forgiveness, for the good of others. 

Let the tears rush down your cheeks and the electric pulse flow through your being, While you raise your index finger to God bearing witness to His presence,
Because it is the most sincere thing you could do for anyone,
The best aid we can refer to for the terror in this life. 

So I'll write your pain into my words,
And I swear,
I'll try to pray.

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