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The Little Things



  |  March 2, 2015

My favorite thing to do in the mornings is just to simply listen. I listen to the wind ruffling the leaves of the cherry tree outside my window, to the birds calling on one another, to my neighbors discussing plans over tea in their front yard. The sounds of all sorts of life going on around me fuel my being and gift me with energy to start my day. Although cliché and seemingly overrated, it truly is the little things that make living worthwhile.

Three years ago, everything around me was grey, the world appeared dusky and I never felt a thing in the mornings. I had the idea that the liveliness going on around me was unjust because I acquired none of it. My life felt like a black and white film while everyone else’s was in glowing Technicolor. I toiled in this dusk for what seemed like forever. 

Everyday was the same: I went to school, saw everyone excelling and having the time of their lives with their significant others, came home to watch television that displayed every character as ‘perfect’ and successful, then went to bed thinking about how I was none of those things and would never amount to what my peers and idols possessed.

Then it hit me. It was the summer before my senior year and the thought struck me like a bullet and lodged in my heart. I had the capacity to be happy, in fact, I had the capacity to be happy and overwhelmingly successful in my life, but I wasn’t letting myself. I was Icarus flying far too close to the sun, the sun being society’s idea of how I should be. I was consumed by materialism and society’s definition of happiness, but none of what I awed over on that television screen mattered, because I wasn’t looking at it correctly. I saw only what others had and what I did not.

My eyes have been opened and I now know what I want. I need neither popularity nor attention. I need neither compliments nor materials. I need to believe in myself. I need to see the best of not only myself, but of others as well. 

At the snap of my fingers, the world has become bright again, everything in beautifully vivid colors. The sun is brighter and I notice it. I’ve begun to appreciate everything around me and the hidden beauties of my hometown blossomed.

It has been five months since my epiphany and I truly do feel happier everyday. The smallest things have my emotions whirling and my smile growing. I am not saying I have never lapsed back into my old mentality, but I always bounce back simply because it feels so much better to be happy. I see myself so content and full of bliss. I see myself where I belong.

I’ve endeavored the same struggles as everyone else. I’ve fought through the same battles, but I know I’ve come out stronger.

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