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Fatimah Odeh

  |  February 4, 2015

Tell me how you'd feel if you woke up one morning wanting to tell your mother you loved her until you realized she wasn't there
Tell me how you'd feel if you woke up one morning wanting to thank your father for what he’s done, until you realized that he left before your mother did
Tell me how you'd feel if you woke up one morning and instead of removing a blanket off your bed you brushed dust and ashes off your chest.
Most of us wont imagine ourselves when thinking of these scenarios,
We picture other people, perhaps children who we have seen on television 
We cannot fathom ourselves struggling
It couldn't possibly be me
Anybody but me
Scenarios like these have been carved in our minds
We have seen them over and over again
You'd think that they would shatter us but they have only made us colder
You'd think that they would bring us back to our senses, but they have only taken our senses away from us
But it is okay because we have learned to walk with our heads held high
Don't turn left, don't turn right, don't ask any questions
And if you fall, pick yourself up and dust yourself off
Why is it that we expect anyone to lend us a hand we’ve never bothered to offer?
Realizing that everyone is fighting their own battle may be the toughest thing to admit
We forget that everyone is living a life as complex and as vivid as our own
But it explains us overlooking the power that we hold within ourselves
We forget that by simply sharing our experiences with each other, we can provide comfort and ease for one another
Maybe all you have to do was open up our scars and wounds to let someone else in, in order for them to know it was okay to be hurting
The brotherhood and sisterhood that grows out of common ground experience grows a love and bond so strong
Through the warmth of each other's presence
Most of the time we forget that we are all the same
Souls placed in bodies experiencing life and what is to come
And if we cannot be there for each other, than who will?
We complain about broken families and torn communities
We blame the media for depressed teenagers 
We label the ones who show us they need help
But is this how we heal
We can’t simply shove people into therapy sessions and expect things to vanish
Maybe all they wanted is some time and attention
Generosity is more than the donation of pennies and nickels
Donating money is amazing for those who need it
But why is it that we are pricing our love and affection
Trust, compassion, emotions, and understanding in the form of dollar bills
You are priceless
What you have to offer inside of you is more than enough to offer
Don't bottle it up inside of you

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