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The Blessing In My Life


Amal Rass

  |  December 7, 2014

“Do you sleep with that on?” “Do you shower with it?” “If I see your hair does that mean we have to get married?” “Don’t you miss your hair?”

These are few of the strange questions I’ve gotten since I started wearing the hijab.

During the summer of 2012, I made a decision. I was fifteen at the time, but I never felt more ready. It was shocking, really, how prepared I felt to make such a serious commitment. Throughout my freshman year of high school, I felt less and less inclined to cover my hair. I was overwhelmed by the social and societal “norms” and wanting to “fit in”. Never did I imagine that I would be covering my hair during my high school career.

I’ve always been the quieter type, especially when I was younger. I grew up very shy, tending to keep to myself. I felt most comfortable when I kept to myself or with a select group of calm friends.

I always had the misconception that hijab would push people away from me; that hijab would be an instant people-repellant. I thought that if I started wearing hijab that would be the end of my social life and I would never make any new friends. I later realized how wrong I was.

Since wearing the hijab, I’ve become more confident in myself, in my choice of attire and in my form of expression. I’ve learned how to be more open and approachable to other people. Instead of hiding in my shell like I thought hijab would do to me, I’ve come to learn that hijab is much more than a piece of fabric on my head covering my hair.

Hijab is a symbol of religion, of unity and of choice. When I am with a group of people, I know that my hijab sets me apart from others. By wearing the hijab, I am representing Islam 24/7. Every day when I decide to put on my scarf, I am also making the decision to showcase my religion. Though it may be intimidating to always carry that symbol with you, the hijab, along with an open and well-mannered personality, can attract people to you. I personally have received a multitude of questions about Islam from intrigued non-Muslims.

Accompanying the hijab, I’ve received both the somewhat comical questions and some rather riveting questions. I’ve been asked about why I wear the hijab, how I feel to wear it in a non-Muslim country, and general questions about Islam and its teachings.

I see hijab as an open door for curious non-Muslims to latch on to. By choosing to wear the hijab, you can dictate someone’s idea of Islam and of Muslims.

Hijab is truly a blessing in my life and I am thankful to say that of the two years I’ve been a hijabi, I have never once rethought my quick decision to make the hijab a piece of me.

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