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To Be Free


Jana Al Jarrah

  |  February 16, 2015

Everyone in this world tries to find their place
A place where they belong, where they can be the best that they can be
Far from the pressures of society

Silver linings are hard to find
We look and search but are never able to see
All that we need, all that we wanted was always there 

Sometimes we are blind and it takes a while to see it, to really feel it
Our ignorance had us blinded and it took a long time to finally see
Our silver linings were always there we were just so unaware 

We find our place and we cling tight
We cling to our acceptance; we cling to people’s approval
But all that we wanted all this time was to know our worth

Our fear of oblivion drove us towards greatness
We lived our lives with no regrets
We saw and conquered and never turned back
Broke free from the chains of our stereotypes 

We just wanted to be free

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