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New Muslim Support Programs

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(a.k.a. "Developing Muslims Program")

Group Leaders: Br. Shafeeq Bandagi & Br. Shaukat Ali

This is a welcoming group for new Muslims. Our goal is to help new Muslims learn the basics of the Faith and find support and friends in the Faith. We are a family friendly group and kids are welcome!!

Who: New Muslims, Muslims & non-Muslims interested in Islam
What: Basic Principles of Islam
Where: MUC
When: Every Friday 7-9 pm *(new time/date)

This class introduces, discusses, and answers questions on various important topics in Islam related to the basic practicing principles of Islam, including Tawheed (Oneness of Allah), the pillars of Islam, Al-Qur'aan, Hadith, Seerah (the Life of Prophet Muhammad), fiqh (jurisprudence) relationships with each other and other religions, family & social life, culture and Arabic (which is run by Sr. Sarah & Sr. Uzma Sharaf) etc.

Monthly Potluck Dinners: Every 1st Friday of the Month, the NMSG hosts potluck dinners at MUC and ALL are welcome! For more information contact: Sr. Aisha Jett

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Advice to New Muslims

First and foremost, Congratulations on your success! Becoming a Muslim at first may probably be one of the most difficult trials of your life. It may also be that you are thinking about Islam and have yet to proclaim the declaration of faith. If so, here is some friendly advice from new Muslims:

Do not get overwhelmed...
A new faith, new rules of life, and changes. Many people are not use to change, most are eager to join every Islamic group on the face of the earth. Others start playing scholar within a few months. Many people feel left out because they think they have to speak Arabic within a month. This is not so. Language doesn't make the Muslim. Take your time in leanring everything to its potential. It took the companion of the Prophet, the 2nd Caliph twelve years to memorize the second chapter of the Qur'aan!

Prayer is key...
Let prayer be the first thing you learn as a Muslim. Praying 5 times a day will make you feel closer to Allah and bring blessings in to your journey. It will open doors to knowledge. Learning Arabic is important, but do not stress yourself over it. For many new Muslims, learning hadith, Islamic social/family life, and politics is easy, but learning the prayers properly seems to be the most difficult. In the Qur'aan, Allah states:

"Successful indeed are the believers. Those who offer their prayers with humility and attentiveness." [Al-Qur'aan 23:1-2]

The Prophet Muhammad also said: "Between iman, and between shirk and kufr there is the abandonment of Prayer" (shirk is the worship of objects other than Allah, and kufr is disbelief in Allah and the Message He sent). [Tirmidhi]

Furthermore, Allah said:"Verily, Prayer prevents one from shameful and evil deeds." [Al-Qur'aan 29:45]

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me...
Do not be surprised if you find yourself in a tough and awkward situation with your family and outsiders. Many new Muslims have shared their experiences encountering discrimination and racism from Muslims and non-Muslims! Many have said that they feel there is a lack of Muslim support from the communities, and they feel as outcasts. Do not let the character of a few Muslims deter your from the truth, Islam. You may feel angry, alone, sad, resentment etc., but do not let those feelings cause you to make a decision that you might regret for the rest of your life.

The truth is, this does not happen often; however, you should be aware of it. You will find Muslims much more giving and much more open and welcoming for the most part. In fact, you may even be overwhelmed by their generosity and hospitality. If you find yourself in a tough situation, contact us at MUC. We have heard and seen enough to know that there are people who sometimes do mess up, may have character flaws. No one is perfect. You can also try other resources like websites, mailing lists, online learning tools, online Islamic education and much more. These can surely help you learn the basic principles of Islam. You should even try YouTube! There are very nice lessons on how to pray.

Some pearls of wisdom...
Make the effort, for in the end, it only matters about you as an individual and your relationship with Allah. No one will be responsible for your actions except you yourself on the Day of Judgment. Have faith in Allah, put your trust in him.

There may be something that is good for you, but may not know it. There may also be something bad for you, which you are protected from it by Allah. He knows all. Allah has a plan for all of us, and His Love and Mercy is so great that your only choice is to trust in Him and submit to His Will. You may not like some of the situations you are placed in, and it may get ugly, but do not sweat the small stuff. Most of the time, we are put into trials and tribulations because Allah loves us. All the messengers and prophets of the past were put to the test. If we want to be closer to Allah, then we must go through struggles and difficulties in life to attain His pleasure and blessings.

Ultimately our goal in life is to attain heaven, or junnah. We must remind each other that this life is only but a test, and that verily, the afterlife is the true reality. May Allah bless you and guide you to the straight path and give you patience through this amazing journey. Ameen.