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Meet the Candidates

2017 Board Elections, Candidates Below:

Rouzana Hares DDS FAGD:


Dr. Hares, has been a resident of West Bloomfield Township for more than 1 years.  A dentist by profession and a proud mother of 4 boys. Dr. Hares and Her husband Talha  have been blessed to been part of the Muslim Unity Center community and actively volunteering for over a decade. Accompanied by her sister-in-law they both established a community focused dental practice in Hamtramck. Their practice has been thriving for 15 years with a focus on providing high quality dental care for a widely diverse underserved population.  

Along with her rich experiences serving the ethnically diverse community in Hamtramck, Dr. Hares has been a long-time member and a volunteer at multiple organizations:

1-     Muslim Unity Center (MUC) of Bloomfield Hills, volunteer interfaith committee 2009-2013

2-     Muslim Unity Center Board of director 2013-2015

3-     Muslim unity Center President Board of Director 2014-2015

4-     Women for Humanity none profit organization co-founder and President 2013-current

5-     Syrian American Medical Association Michigan Chapter Board member 2016-current

6-     West Bloomfield Diversity committee: 2015

Personal Statement:

Dear Brothers and Sisters. As many of us I struggled with the outcomes of the elections and it did open my eyes to the pile of hurdles and obstacles that our community will be facing. That was my main motivation more like an obligation to server on the board. I will be honest, it is not the time for us to wait and see, all of us need to be proactive and reach out to our neighbors and community to build stronger allies. All of us need to be involved in enriching our youth and providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.  All of us need to be there at the center improving the services we provide for our community at these hard times. It breaks my heart to learn that less and less people are attending the center and are fearful. I can’t ask others to do something that I wouldn’t do first, and that is why I am running for the board and hopeful that together we can strength our center, enrich our community and build bridges. Over the years, the community has turned to MUC for information, support and resources on many issues related to spirituality, Family, Youth, Resources, civic engagement, interfaith and intra-faith interactions and more that can’t stop now it need to be doubled. My vision involves, investment in our youth, and community service programs, while maintaining a safe environment, developing a budget for building maintenance that doesn’t jeopardize vital programs in the center.  At the end May Allah use us to serve him and not replace us with others.

Shafeeq Bandagi:


Shafeeq Bandagi, President and CEO of Bandagi Technologies Inc., is an accomplished Technocrat and a successful Engineering Consultant who has been very active in the Muslim Community since 25 years in North America in Dawah, Interfaith Activities, New Muslim Support Programs, Mentoring and Coaching the community members especially youth towards professional careers. Mr. Bandagi holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and a PG Diploma in Executive Management. He is presently pursuing BS in Islamic Studies and Intensive Arabic Program from IOU. Mr. Bandagi has established and supported several community organizations at the national level including ISNA and ICNA in the area of Outreach and Community Development. Mr. Bandagi has written several articles and given several talks, workshops and trainings on Dawah, New Muslim Support and Career Development. Originally from Gadwal, Telangana, India, Mr. Bandagi presently resides in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Mr. Bandagi thinks that as per the Sunnah, a Masjid is not just a place of worship but also a community center where several constructive social, cultural, economic and outreach programs should be implemented to benefit and promote the interests of not only Muslim Community but also the Fellow American Citizens living with us. He believes building bridges and working with the Fellow Communities should be at the core of our programs. His goal is to bring New Programs for Career and Entrepreneurship Development, Health and Diet Awareness, Science and Innovation,Youth Communication and Political Participation to strengthen and grow our community as our nation is evolving into the new era.

Sohail Odeh:

Being a member of the MUC and other neighboring communities for over 20 years, I gained a strong understanding of the challenges and initiatives needed to advance the welfare of the community and the Center.  My higher education in the engineering infrastructure and management fields, and executive leadership of large corporations will be leveraged to facilitate improvements and implementation of the many varied initiatives of the Center, with a focus on quality and effective delivery.
The recent political shift has presented an ever greater need for an outreach program to local and political establishments to discuss and alleviate misconceptions, and bring to light similarities. I also believe that certain avenues should be explored to create revenue streams for a stronger balance sheet and to shore up the financial strength and longevity of the Center.  Also critical is the implementation of an inclusion program that extends beyond the general body of membership, fostering involvement and inclusion necessary to cultivate new sustaining members.
As my family and I have lived in the area for the past two decades, we maintained and strengthened our ties within the community and huddled around each other through the highs and lows. I can often be found on Sunday mornings at the local Panera enjoying spirited discussions with friends from the neighborhood and colleagues from work. Through our triumphs and tragedies, I have gained a strong appreciation of the issues that affect us all and will strive to represent the values and concerns of the Center.

Khaldoun Tarabin 


Khaldoun Tarabin was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. After obtaining his college degree in Dentistry  from Damascus University, he left Syria and moved to the United States of America. He continued his education at the University of Pittsburgh Dental School and graduated with a Doctorate degree in Dental Medicine. He then moved to Chicago for a one year residency at UIC and decided to  later pursue a fellowship in dental Implantology. Upon graduation he moved to Michigan and has been residing there ever since. Khaldoun currently practices dentistry at Alpine Dental, in Rochester Michigan. He is married to an interior designer and has been blessed with two girls.
Khaldoun is an extrovert and sees the value of a strong community center that will attract the youth and adult community members and continue to be the hotspot people can flock to. Khaldoun attends the Muslim Unity Center regularly for prayers and other activities. He loves cars, classic cars, and is a regular basketball player.
Khaldoun has been an active member of the community and has experience serving on boards of other associations. He recognizes the importance of a multi faceted conversation that leads to constructive decision-making. 

My mission statement is to continue on the path of MUC, take the activities to the next level while aiming for more integration into our local, state and national level. I would like to expand our outreach efforts and promote our wonderful values and ethics while maintaining our identity. I believe in soliciting concerns and feedback from the main users of our center and members of our community and proactively  transforming that into constructive programs that will allow our center to continuously improve and flourish.